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The Customer is the Boss

You know you’ve walked into the right showroom when you’re treated like you own the place. A customer is the most essential aspect to any salesroom that without the customer there is no point for any other person to show up. It may sound trivial but we go the “extra mile” to make sure that you are treated like a boss when you decide to do your shopping with us.

Toyota Recalls Another 2 Million Cars. Apology Needed

When NASA released the results of a 10-month study on Toyota vehicles on Feb. 8 concluding that the automaker’s cars did not have an electronics problem that caused unintended acceleration, one of Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s columnists said the media owed the company an apology. There is no ghost in the machine and the intense media coverage caused a frenzy, Bloomberg BusinessWeek columnist Ed Wallace wrote. I know Ed personally and have tremendous respect for him. But I must part ways on this issue...
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Darth Vader Works His Mojo for VW, but Mini Misses the Mark

After my last missive gave a ‘thumbs down’ to Chrysler’s 200 ad, which aired during the Super Bowl, one reader asked for my take on Volkswagen’s “Darth Vader” spot for the Passat. Since more of you disagreed with my view on Chrysler’s Eminem ad than sided with me, I’m flattered. In VW’s ad, a young boy is marching around his house in a Darth Vader costume that must be the envy of the neighborhood. He tries to use The Force to get his dog to rise, open the dryer, move a sandwich across the counter, and all in vain. Finally, dad comes home in the Passat. Junior Darth starts with the Jedi gesticulations to get the car to do something. We don’t know what exactly...
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Eminem earned Chrysler some buzz. Sales may be tougher get

It can only be a good sign that Detroit carmakers have the cash on hand to advertise in pricey venues like the Super Bowl. But in Chrysler’s case, the money for its “Imported from Detroit” ad for the new 200 sedan may have been better spent elsewhere. The commercial starts with gritty images of bleak urban ruins, smoke stacks and downtown Detroit set against a lead-grey sky. The narrator asks, “what does this city know about luxury?” As we see more images, rapper Eminem comes onscreen driving a Chrysler 200, which replaced the weak-selling Sebring sedan late last year. The opening riff to his tune “Lose Yourself” eerily starts in and Eminem cruises the city...
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Cadillac and Audi Ham It Up in a Battle of the Hippest

There’s a subtle rivalry brewing in the luxury car business. Audi and Cadillac are both hamming it up with television advertising to make the case that they’re the hip antidote to stodgy traditional luxury (read: Mercedes). In recent ads, both of them have new commercials loaded with imagery painting luxury as cold and stuffy as they take a fun stab at old money...
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Detroit auto show: Think small

Think small. Think fuel efficient. That is the theme at this year’s Detroit auto show, also known by the official name North American International Auto Show. This year’s expo does not have the kind of heart-pounding displays of horsepower and luxury of past years. But there are some very significant models that tell us where higher fuel prices and tougher emissions regulations are pushing the cars of tomorrow...
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Notes From the Detroit Auto Show

The mood in Detroit is considerably better at this year’s North American International Auto Show than it was a year ago when General Motors was hunting momentum and Chrysler’s very survival was in question. I’ll get into the new models and concept cars as they roll out. In the meantime, here are a few notable comments from the auto executives I tracked down at the show...
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How One Regulatory Proposal Could Discourage EVs

Government regulations, when done right, are supposed to either prohibit bad behavior or encourage the right ones. I came across one proposal that may have it backwards. Right now, the Environmental Protection Agency, National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration and California Air Resources Board are mulling rules that would push the average car sold to a mandated 60 miles per gallon by 2025. The green lobby is pushing to include one new rule that could discourage some of the technologies that they want to see sold in greater numbers...
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Chevy Volt Versus Nissan Leaf: Let the Race Begin

Chevrolet started rolling the first Volts off the assembly line and onto car haulers on Dec. 13, sending them off to anxious customers who have been waiting months for their electric car, or advanced hybrid or whatever you like to call the Volt. That same day, Nissan delivered its first Leaf electric car to a customer in San Diego. Normally, handing over the keys of a new model’s first buyer is about as scintillating as ribbon-cutting ceremonies photographed in community newspapers...
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GM shares rise, but will it be enough for taxpayers?

Shares in General Motors are a pretty hot item. The stock opened today at $35 a share just a week after GM and its bankers decided to price the deal at $33. It closed at $34.19 a share and was originally slated to sell for between $26 and $29 a share. After two weeks of pitching investors, GM and the Treasury Department saw so much demand that they raised the price and decided to up the size of the IPO by 31% to 478 million shares. Including the overallotment option, which lets the banks take even more shares to sell to eager investors, they could be selling 550 million of them. Since it takes a share price of $43.67 a share for the government to break even on the remaining $40 billion investment in GM, one must wonder, what was Treasury thinking by putting even more shares into the deal...
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