extra mile auto sales

Our service goes the extra mile

The Customer is the Boss

You know you’ve walked into the right showroom when you’re treated like you own the place. A customer is the most essential aspect to any salesroom that without the customer there is no point for any other person to show up. It may sound trivial but we go the “extra mile” to make sure that you are treated like a boss when you decide to do your shopping with us.

About Extra Mile Auto Sales

Extra mile auto sales has offered the best auto warranty for 10 years in a row. Come see how we have done it by visiting one of our many dealerships in your area.

We’re customers just like you. We go shopping for suits, homes, eyeglasses and colleges for our children. We want to feel respected when we go about deciding on a major purchase. That same respect and courtesy will be extended to each and every customer we have the pleasure to meet! Come on in and give us a chance to serve you!

Shopping for a family vehicle? Our staff can help you decide if a full-size SUV is ideal or if your family would enjoy the savings and flexibility offered in a Crossover, or CUV. Many buyers who haven’t been in the market for a number of years may not be familiar with some of these newer options that are available. Our staff is trained to address and discuss each of the many vehicle options in stock so you can make sure you find the right vehicle for your needs.